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6 Summer Reblooming Shrubs

Even though summer is full of flowers, sometimes we simply want more. Thankfully there are flowering shrubs that rebloom (flowering first on old wood and then again on new wood) or those that put on a continuous show.

3 Tips to Deadhead a Butterfly Bush

Although it’s not necessary to deadhead Proven Winners ColorChoice butterfly bushes, you can do it to give them a tidier appearance. For older varieties of butterfly bush…

7 Care Tips for Planting in Summer

While shrubs look gorgeous in their nursery pots in the summertime, it can be hard for them to make the transition into the ground or into containers. But it doesn’t have to be quite so hard.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Oh hello! Your friendly Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs newsletter has a new look, new information, but the same great inspiration.   You can still expect

3 Tips for Drought Tolerant Gardening

Don’t sacrifice the look of a welcoming, lush garden because your weather won’t cooperate. (We’re looking at you, sad droopy plants!) We have a three step process for helping you grow the lush drought tolerant garden of your dreams!

6 Chicken Friendly Shrubs

If you love chickens and have some roaming around your yard (and gardens), you may be wondering:

What shrubs are safe for chickens?

Is it okay for them to be eating this kind of shrub?

4 tips for Gardening with Children

If stepping into the garden can instantly improve your mood, just imagine how powerful that experience is for a child. If you’re reading this, you probably want to share the overwhelming goodness of nature and the joy of growing things with a child in your life. I wanted that too!

Plant Now for Summer Beauty

Every inch of your garden is precious real estate! A plant should have to earn its spot and it’s hard to beat a flower that

More Flowers are Always Better

We all like to get more bang for our buck. That’s why planting rebloomers is a smart choice! Double the beauty on just one plant. And if you like spring, (and what’s not to like – flower power and incredible fragrance) we bet you’d like it to last longer.

12 Tips to Help Chicken Proof Your Garden

Having chickens can be fun and rewarding, especially once you start getting eggs. For the most part, they are easy to take care of, but they do love to get into everything!

Gift the Best Plant

Plants make great gifts, there’s one to fit every personality! This Mother’s Day, if you’re wondering what to get, think:     Do they like

A Cottage Garden in Winter

How do you make sure your cottage garden is beautiful even when there’s snow on the ground? We’ll share our favorite tips below.   While

How to Plan a Cottage Garden

If you love billowy, carefree masses of flowers, a cottage style garden is just for you. These gardens are all about embracing abundance.

Episode 6 – Persea Americana, aka Avocado

Our sixth episode covers Avocado, known botanically as Persea americana.

There are actually 150 species of Persea distributed worldwide, however, only Persea americana and its five major varieties have any kind of economic or culinary significance.

How to Make Hydrangea Paper

We use dried hydrangea flowers for so many things, why not make paper with them too? It’s a great way to repurpose flowers we were about to toss into the compost and junk mail that was destined for the recycling bin.

When a Backbone is Beautiful

Every gardener has a plant that puts a smile on their face when they see it. Maybe it’s a cheerful color, or a gorgeous flower,

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