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How to Plan a Cottage Garden

If you love billowy, carefree masses of flowers, a cottage style garden is just for you. These gardens are all about embracing abundance.

Episode 6 – Persea Americana, aka Avocado

Our sixth episode covers Avocado, known botanically as Persea americana.

There are actually 150 species of Persea distributed worldwide, however, only Persea americana and its five major varieties have any kind of economic or culinary significance.

How to Make Hydrangea Paper

We use dried hydrangea flowers for so many things, why not make paper with them too? It’s a great way to repurpose flowers we were about to toss into the compost and junk mail that was destined for the recycling bin.

How to Make Ice Lanterns

What pulls us out into the garden and gets our creative juices flowing? Ice lanterns. They’re strangely beautiful, fun to make, and offer a way to repurpose floral holiday arrangement materials.

Episode 5 – Ilex verticillata, aka Winterberry holly

Our fifth episode covers Winterberry Holly, known botanically as Ilex verticillata. Is a plant that seems to come out of the woodwork in winter.

It goes practically unnoticed from spring through late fall, and then all of a sudden it’s a drop-dead gorgeous mass of bright red berries that practically leaps out of the landscape. Plus, it’s native to North America.

Episode 3 – Araucaria heterophylla, aka Norfolk Island pine

Episode three of Every Plant Deserves a Podcast centers around Araucaria heterophylla, aka the Norfolk Island pine. We recorded this episode in late November, which is about the time that garden centers, box stores, and grocery stores fill up with this lovely Australian-native conifer.

Episode 2 – Vaccinium macrocarpon, aka cranberry

Vaccinium macrocarpon, better known to most people as the cranberry, is the focus of today’s episode. This is partly due to seasonality – we’re coming up on Thanksgiving here in the US, and for those who aren’t familiar, cranberries typically play some role in the traditional holiday meal.

Episode 1 – Hydrangea paniculata, aka panicle hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata features in the inaugural episode of Every Plant Deserves A Podcast for several reasons: one, it’s a plant that can be grown over nearly all of North America, from the chilliest northern locales to those in the steamy South, so it should be visibly familiar to people, whether or not they know it by name.

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